Top 5 questions about Microblading – Permanent makeup

1. What is Microblading?

Micro-blading is a semi-permanent make-up technique which inserts high-grade pigmentation into the epidermis (skin) and creates hair-like strokes to fill in sparse or thinning hairlines. This artistic skill was designed to give a natural 3D effect and look like real hair. This treatment is excellent for people who have lost their brows due to over plucking, old age, disease (alopecia), chemotherapy, and genetic disorders. Save yourself 20 minutes every morning and throw your eyebrow pencil away! Wake up with natural, beautiful looking eyebrows!

2. The History of Micro-blading:

Micro-blading originated in Asia, though there is little documentation on who the creator was of this system. Microblading became popular in Hollywood in 2016 when Bella Throne publicly documented her procedure. Now we are seeing talk about Microblading in reality TV shows regularly. What we do know is beauty tricks and secrets have dated back thousands of years, using natural compounds like henna and coal to enhance features. The history of beauty is fascinating, giving rise to its importance in all cultures from the beginning of time, including cave women!

3. How does it work? (First session and touch ups)

The goal is to make “hair like strokes” by creating little slits in the epidermis. The tiny slits are then filled with ink, giving them a multidimensional affect simulating real hair. Two sessions are included, between four and six weeks apart. The second session a touch up to fill in any areas where the skin might reject the ink. It is a two step procedure for perfect results. Depending on how dark you like your brows, touch ups are needed roughly about every 8 months.

4. Does it hurt?

It is uncomfortable, yet tolerable, but absolutely worth it. Vogue magazine describes the treatment as “less painful than a sunburn and utterly delightful results” Some others say it feels like a cat scratching your skin lightly. Everyone’s pain thresholds are different. The actual Micro-blading itself only takes about 40 minutes, but the entire hour and a half process includes the consultation, design and actual micro-blading. All of my clients love looking at the before and after pictures! It is such an incredible transformation all within and hour and a half.

5. After care and maintenance:

After care is very simple. The first seven days, clients are asked to wash (with finger tips only) antibacterial soap over the brows lightly. Dont take steamy, hot showers, stick to just warm water. The steam can make you sweat the pigment out. No heavy exercising and sweating for 48 hours after procedure. If your brows feel tight or perhaps sensitive initially, I recommend using A&D solution or something of that nature to lubricate the area. After seven to ten days, the scabs fall off (no picking!) and a softer, slightly lighter color will present itself beautifully.

All About the Artist: Jaeda Hamilton Chabot, LMT, LES LCOS, LTA:bio-pic

Jaeda is a quadruple licensed practitioner with 11 years in the beauty and healing arts industry. Jaeda is the Founder of Enhanced Beauty Brows, where she offers her Cosmetic Tattooing. As a Licensed Cosmetologist, Esthetician, Massage Therapy and Tattoo Artist, she has a plethora of credentials, passion, wisdom and expertise in these fields. Jaeda creates a safe, serene, private and professional space for clients to receive her services. The walls of her lovely location are graced with pure white paint, and adorned with a bubbling Buddha at the entrance to bring good luck and greet clients peacefully. Soft piano music plays throughout her treatment room, providing a sense of calm. Jaeda’s consultations are comprehensive and private, she believes true listening skills are key to serving her clients in the best way possible. As part of the consultation, before and after pictures are taken to assure optimum happiness and to show the efficacy of the treatment. Jaedas happy clients are giving rise to evidence of a quick, powerful and beautiful eye brow transformation!