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Microblading can make your morning routine significantly easier than ever before. But, what exactly is microblading? How’s it done? Is it the same as getting eyebrow tattoos? In today’s blog here at Enhanced Beauty Ink in Middletown, we talk about the ins and out of microblading and how it can help you! Whether you’re a microblading pro or have never heard of it before, contact our team at Enhanced Beauty Ink in Middletown today to learn more and to schedule your microblading appointment today

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At Enhanced Beauty Ink in Middletown, we have more than a decade of experience in the beauty and wellness industry. During that time, we’ve picked up a few beauty tips and tricks along the way. That’s why in today’s blog, we go over a few beauty tips covering topics like permanent makeup, eyeliner, eyebrows, and more!


1. What is Microblading?

Micro-blading is a semi-permanent make-up technique which inserts high-grade pigmentation into the epidermis (skin) and creates hair-like strokes to fill in sparse or thinning hairlines. This artistic skill was designed to give a natural 3D effect and look like real hair. This treatment is excellent for people who have lost their brows due to over plucking, old age, disease (alopecia), chemotherapy, and genetic disorders. Save yourself 20 minutes every morning and throw your eyebrow pencil away! Wake up with natural, beautiful looking eyebrows!

2. The History of Micro-blading:

Micro-blading originated in Asia, though there is little documentation on who the creator was of this system. Microblading became popular in Hollywood in 2016 when Bella Throne publicly documented her procedure. Now we are seeing talk about Microblading in reality TV shows regularly. What we do know is beauty tricks and secrets have dated back thousands of years, using natural compounds like henna and coal to enhance features. The history of beauty is fascinating,...


Discover the Magic of Microblading!

(Semi-Permanent Makeup)

Ok ladies, its time for some real talk. Microblading is game changer for women who care about how they look and one of the best creations of all time when it comes to looking naturally beautiful in an effortless way, saving time and throwing away your eye pencil. Unlike the old fashion tattoo methods, this new method simulates real hair by creating a 3D natural look, instead of a fake flat, painted-on look. Microblading isn’t limited to ladies though. It’s for anyone who wants to enhance his or her eyebrows in a semi-permanent way for whatever reason. Measuring the symmetry of your face and drawing the perfect brow design is the first step in this exciting process.

Have you ever just wanted to wake up looking beautiful, with perfect eyebrow and not have to waste your time in the mirror with brow pencils? If you add up all that time over the course of a year, it might be 2-3 weeks of just drawing eye brows! Have you wondered why some people have perfect looking brows and you don’t? Have you considered...


What is The Recovery time and costs of this Procedure?

Good news! With the healing process, there generally isn’t any swelling or redness. Your brows may feel a little tender or tight but no one would know you had Microblading done that day! You could go to a 5-star Gala and look like a Diva that same night. Nobody would notice anything besides your fantastic brows. Yes, embrace that Red Carpet Girl!

“I woke up like this” -Brows

Daily Maintenance is Minimal

One of the many benefits of this procedure is waking up looking like you just stepped off of a movie screen! Boost your confidence levels with your new flawless brows and smile at your lovely bare face in the morning mirror. Save precious time in your busy schedule and don’t spend another minute fussing with your brows every day.

Microblading touch-ups are on an individual basis, as needed and usually between 8-12 months since this is considered a semi-permanent makeup procedure. In some cases, your Microbladed brows can last up to 3 years. Otherwise, you can spend 20 minutes every day drawing...